What Stood Out in 2012 Part 2 – Food, Wine & Other Good Things

I really do wish I could cook well. Good food is one of my favourite things, especially alongside good wine, a palate for which is a compulsory pursuit of excellence for Anglican clergy, as I understand it. I especially like taking time on holidays to eat in lovely places and attempt to work out the recipe for whatever I’ve ordered (in the ridiculous expectation that I’ll go home and be able to make it. I rarely try. But I persistently hope!). I should say at the outset that Margaret River will feature prominently. I really REALLY do like the little bit of Western Australia that I’ve seen so far. Fantastic place. So here is the second instalment of ‘favourite threes’.



1. The Lanterne Rooms, Canberra ACT (where I had a most amazing meal with my Daddy, his lovely wife & my twin sister)
lanterne rooms


2. Bunkers Beach Cafe, Bunker Bay WA (the honey, vanilla & pomegranate cheesecake was incredible)



3. Indiana, Cottesloe Beach WA (apart from the great food, the building is just gorgeous)




Wines (Obviously I have a second favourite winery now…)

1. Cape Mentelle Cabernet Merlot Trinders 2011


2. Cape Mentelle Zinfandel 2010


3. Cape Mentelle Botrytis Viognier 2011



Recipes I’ve stumbled across that intimidate me very much but that one day I would really like to make:

1. Roast Garlic Sourdough


2. Chocolate Macarons



3. Stuffed Zucchini Flowers




Chocolate (sans pictures – buy some and see for yourself!):

1. Chuao (Venezuela) from Gabriel Chocolate, Margaret River

2. Organic Handmade Dark Chocolate With Rose and Black Pepper from Coco Chocolate, Kirribilli

3. Chilli chocolate macaron from Coco Monde, Darby St, Newcastle NSW


Foodie Shops:

1. Providore, Margaret River WA (I bought the spicy Shiraz sauce and the dark chocolate Sambarino dark chocolate liqueur. Ah-may-zing)



2. The Larder, Margaret River (I wanted to buy EVERYTHING)



3. Sourdough Bakery, Newcastle NSW




And last, but not least, a list of one, because I only tried one new whisky this year, but it was well worth it:

1. Nikka ‘From the Barrel’ (though one could not possibly drink more than a wee dram of it at a time – ’tis potent stuff)


Actually, one more list of one… The best cookbook I’ve read this year:

1. ‘Supper of the Lamb’ by Robert Farrar Capon


This is a marvellous book, beautifully written, inviting the reader to sit at the seasoned table of Fr Robert and receive of his generosity. A must for anyone who cares about hospitality as a mark of faith, savours the variety of creation and believes that we should be diligent and loving in our preparation for great feasts. You will never look at an onion the same way again.

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