It seems a bit ridiculous to be posting the epilogue 3 months after I got home, but that is more a reflection on my very poor blogging habits than on how entirely awesome my trip was or how much time I spend secretly wanting to go back. Last I wrote I was on my way back from Monterosso for the last few days of our trip. Pompeii was just as extraordinary as I expected (and it turns out, unsurprisingly, that Russell T Davies did his research pretty well for the Dr Who episode ‘The Fires of Pompeii’). The highlight of the last few days of Rome was undoubtedly St Peter’s Basilica. It is impossible to describe without sounding gushy and effusive, but it was breathtaking. Michelangelo’s Pieta is desperately beautiful. The vulnerability of Christ and the tenderness of Mary make it certainly the most moving work of art I’ve ever seen. I must say it demanded a fair bit of patience from my best friend, who coped quite well with my insistence and seeing as much of the Basilica as I could, which is not a quick project for anyone, least of all me. On a much more self-indulgent note, it is far too easy to live on pizza and gelato in Rome – how on earth anyone pays any attention to the rest of the food pyramid is beyond me.

The trip was absolutely the best 5 weeks of my whole life, and I really am looking forward to going back sooner rather than later. Following is the best of the best of my 1600 photos. They are inadequate of course, but enough to capture a few memories! Happy viewing!