For months now I have been thinking about writing a blog  but have never quite worked up the courage. But today is the day – partly because I’ve been  inspired by a particularly awesome friend of mine (see below) and partly because I realised that after spending seven of the last ten years of my life in academic study, I have forgotten how to write for fun. So in the interests of reacquainting myself with that old friend, here are a few chapters of the story of me.

Funny how beginning something like this brings on a bout of philosophizing. Today I was thinking about just how amazing some of my friends are and the difference they make to me…  My brave and spontaneous friend who has embarked on 365 days of something new… My wonderfully warm and devoted best friend who spends every day helping people make their lives a bit better… My mentor friends who are wise and generous and teach me about life and treat me like an equal  even though I’m not…  They are my heroes. And this came as something of an epiphany, though on reflection, its pretty obvious – I wouldn’t be me without them.

So to all those awesome people who’ve put up with me so far – cheers. You are a good bunch and I have been fortunate indeed to have the privilege of your friendship. Hopefully one day I’ll get the chance to thank you properly.